Wednesday, June 25, 2008

boo boo's

there is nothing sadder than a baby with a band-aid on each leg. :( this was our second visit to the doctor's office for vaccine's (we're splitting them up so that she doesn't have to get so many every two months...) and no, they don't get any easier for mom to endure-- although i only teared up at this one, no full out sobbing.

Haven was a trooper as you can tell from the pictures.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

three months of baby goodness

the zila's
happy father's day daddy!!
blowing bubbles...
so busy-- grabbing at the flowers on her dress

i feel like i just posted our two month pictures-- can we slow this ride down please? i'm sure haven will be four the next time i blink. things she loves: trilling your tongue, multi-finger sucking, four am wake up calls, a stuffed cow that moo's, peeing sans diapers, looking over your shoulder, long talks with the frog on her carseat, hair bows...

happy father's day daddy, granddad, and pops! love, haven

Saturday, June 14, 2008

a girl and her dog

haven has just begun to take notice of beau over the past couple of days. she'll watch him wander from room to room and it's hilarious to watch her as she tries to keep focus of his wagging tail! she was playing the other morning on the floor and this is what i turned around to-- so precious! our baby is getting big too-- she doesn't sleep all curled up anymore, but stretches out (granted, it feels like a million degrees in this heat). tomorrow she'll be 3 months old-- more posts to come!

bachelorette party

the bride in the winning toilet paper gown
mike and steph snapped a few pics of themselves when we accidentally left our camera at his house a few weeks ago-- i'm sure they never thought this picture would resurface again!
the happy couple

 last night our home was lavished with tons of pink streamers and balloons as we hosted our first ever bachelorette party! two of our sweet friends are getting married in a couple weeks and we are so excited for them. all the ladies headed to our house for some 'hot and spicy' food and 'virgin' margaritas. Haven hung out with daddy and the manly men, watching them battle it out for the title of Wii champion. 

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Whats better than a picture?

A video.

Here is a quick clip of Haven and her friend froggie.