Friday, October 30, 2009

poodles scare me

not the little ones-- the ginormous ones. which makes haven's halloween costume all the more frightful. kenya pics to come....i'm still processing the experience.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Changing the world

Just received an update from the leader of the team Jen is serving on...

Jen will be home Sunday night. Thanks to everyone for all your prayer and support!

we are doing well, the medical clinics were amazing, we saved many people's lives...what an amazing feeling! we have helped mabye more than 2,500 patients. it has been life changing for all of us. we are all well and feeling great. about to drive to kisumu for our flight to nairobi where we will take the day to see africa tomorrow, safari and shopping. all the gifts have been greatly appreciated by the children. we just had our final clinic this morning for the last of the children at tumaini and had our game day. everyone was a winner thanks to your generosity! so thank you to each of you who have helped us with this project.

as always we will have many stories of our wonderful time in Kenya, we are deeply toched by these people.