Wednesday, April 29, 2009

our little cheese puff

 asking oma 'please?' for a cheese puff
enjoying the spoils of oma!

okay... so these pictures are a couple weeks old, but they so accurately relay our season of life this past week. no clothes and cheese puffs. we've had record hot weather and were determined to hold out on putting our ac window units in until it was at least june; therefore, haven has been going clothing optional in hopes of staying cooler. we've spent time playing outside in the hose and making afternoon trips to run errands where the ac is nice and cool.  here's a glimpse at month 13...
::the greatest giggle i've ever heard
::all the motions to itsy bitsy spider 
::signing 'please' 'more' 'all done' 'thank you' 'baby' and a few that she invented herself that mean i'm really excited/want to eat that now
::the loudest shrill scream i've ever heard at the most inconvenient moments-- think public places, especially airplanes!
::yesterday she blew her first bubbles all by herself
::she loves being outdoors--swinging in the swing, riding in the wagon, picking up rocks
::she can say momma, dadda, and bye bye; attempts at oma and beau
::wants to help put on lotion, hair product, shoes, and glasses
::pushing food around with utensils and sometimes getting something in her mouth
::cutting her first molar
::loves to snuggle and hug 
::plays patty cake, peek-a-boo, and 'chase'
::can climb up on the couch and into laundry baskets
::will do anything for a cheese puff or to watch the baby signing dvd

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Happy Easter!


LOST, anyone?!
the snorkel-ers return!
yea, this was the hotel lobby...
the ocean was right behind us--breathtaking
coconut shrimp for lunch...mmmmm

jon and i were so blessed to spend a few days in Hawaii at the beginning of the month. jon was recognized for his contributions at work, and we were both lavished on far beyond our expectations. my parents came up to care for the tiny dancer and fed her h's first ice cream, not once, but three times! we were so thankful for the get-away and for our return-- isn't that what makes a good vacation?