The List

I've been reading through One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and wanted to create a list of my own. This is my desire to be fully aware of the goodness God surrounds me with and live a life of gratitude in response. -3.2011

1. bobby pins
2. cranberry mandarin wal-mart candles
3. getting to know an old friend
4. tropical fish
5. vegetable seeds
6. sunny days without a jacket
7. what strawberry iced donuts do to my daughter
8. sprinkles
9. a freshly vacuumed car
10. easy returns at target
11. princess crowns
12. kraft macaroni and cheese
13. banana split ice cream all. to. my. self.
14. three years with my sweet girl
15. big turquoise hair bows
16. the taste of corned beef with sauerkraut
17. skyping with my parents
18. watching haven concentrate on coloring
19. having pictures of my baby from before we'd met
20. polka dot garland (3.15.11)
21. open windows
22. zebra cakes on the front steps with a three year old in a princess dress
23. horribly worn princess shoes
24. skyping with jon
25. spooning soil into newspaper cups for seedlings w/ h
26. tomato soup with milk instead of water
27. playing house w/ h in the garden
28. running late but still arriving on time to bsf
29. grey's anatomy season 3
30. bubble baths with candles
31. signing over the saturn to it's new owner
32. a full house for community group (3.17.11)
33. tiny girls who start their quiet time early
34. hitting the playground with a slew of friends
35. mcdonalds dollar menu
36. lunch on the drive way with my girl :)
37. beau rolling in the grass
38. neighbors who check on you while your husband's out of town
39. diet coke from a foutain
40. sleeping in until after 8am
41. snuggling with h
42. haven's unbelievably great laugh
43. jenny park
44. a re potty training success today!
45. surprise calls from the hubs
46. sunlight pouring in the window
47. wearing a short-sleeved shirt for the first time this year (3.18.11)
48. parents
49. parents in town
50. parents in town who spoil you rotten
51. flying kites
52. watching h effortlessly fly a kite
53. watching h trying to catch the kite while it's in mid-air
54. swimming in march
55. swimming w/ h for the first time without holding her
56. ruffle-y baby bathing suits
57. reading books on the couch with my daughter and parents
58. georgia chopped pork with lots of bbq sauce
59. serving communion
60. friends finalizing adoption today
61. tiny juice boxes
62. scarlette's health
63. easy crossword puzzles
64. seedlings popping up (4.4.11)