Saturday, November 29, 2008

there's a carcass in my kitchen!

(***disclaimer: all of these pictures are horribly out of order-- does anyone have any blogger suggestions on uploading chronologically?***)
mark goofing off :)

exploring princeton's campus
the clean up crew
half of the football team
the littlest one


well... there's no longer anything dead (*that i'm aware of) in the kitchen any more-- it was just too good of a title to pass up just because i meant to post yesterday and didn't. :) we spent thanksgiving in the great state of nj this year with some friends that feel-like-family and new friends too. jon was in charge of cooking our bird, all 19.2 pounds of it. and may i just say what a great job he did-- it was delicious (*i actually ate the ham, but i heard good things...)! yesterday we did some early morning shopping and today we headed to princeton for the BEST pineapple coconut pancakes you'll ever have in your whole entire live-til-your-116 life. with or great friend mark.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

semi-pro photographer, sorta

what a great weekend! it finally feels like winter, all the leaves have been removed from our yard (and i had nothing to do with it-- thanks d,a,n, and e!), elena cut my hair (which really means i got to totally relax in her salon and feel like a beautiful princess), haven was as cute as always AND i became a semi-pro photographer. sorta. 

our friend branden is the PRESIDENT OF A RECORD LABEL (yeah, i missed that happening-- i thought it was just a dj thing on a radio station...) and needed a few new pictures of our other friend chris. check out his music here(*jon's the one playing the drums--he's so hot...). i was super excited to be asked to help and had a GREAT time on my first 'real' photo shoot (all of haven's don't really count since we're related n' all...). here's a few of my favorite shots. y'all can look, but really i just wanted to post them so my mom could see what i did this weekend. :) 

Monday, November 10, 2008

eight months old and it's all about the o's

i'm a few days early in posting h's eight month update, but this morning's cheerio scene was too good to pass up. :) eight months brings a bunch of action! haven is ALL over the place, cruising across the furniture, feeding herself, standing alone for a few seconds at a time, putting EVERYTHING in her mouth (which means i'm cleaning floors about seven times more often than before, but she still seems to find random leaves that blow in from outside before i do), waving (there's about a 4 minute delay from when we try to get her to wave and when she actually does...), shaking her head 'no' (i don't think she knows what this means-- jon nor i really shake our head 'no'. she usually does it in the highchair and then immediately opens her mouth for another spoonful), she loves to listen to jon sing and play guitar, patty cake, and laughing. laughing is the greatest. her little personality is really starting to appear and she is such a delight. oh, and we've caught her dancing a couple times which is so cute too.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


regardless of what i did behind the curtain yesterday, it is now my freedom, duty, and privilege to pray for our new leader and our great nation. i saw this art on this blog and found it beautiful

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election day benefits

yea for election day! free starbucks, chick-fil-a, and ben and jerry's!!! that's a full day of free-ness and i didn't even have to wait in a long line to vote....

ahhhh democracy. :)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

from georgia with love

haven got her first letter in the mail today-- a card from her oma and grandad! even though she can't read yet, she loved it. :)

from the peanut gallery

happy halloween! love, sarah, harry and our little peanut :)

how'd she get in there?

i've been recovering from a cold and hence moved our little garbage can near the bed to toss tissue more easily. haven, who's only recently become mobile, usually takes her afternoon nap on our bed. does anyone see where this is going? usually, hae will let out a little cry or start 'singing' to let us know that she's waking. thursday was the reason i typed 'usually'. so... i'm sitting in the next room when i hear a little rustle from the bedroom. 'i guess she's just stirring' i thought to myself. but then, i hear it again and it sounds a little like papers crunching. my initial thought is that there's an R.O.U.S in our room. i turned the corner and here's what i found... i have NO idea how she got here-- especially feet first! nor how long she'd been playing in the trash can-- she never let out a peep! (*thankfully, i'd just emptied the tissues from my cold...)