Thursday, July 20, 2006

Locks of Love

So... today was the end of a long journey that began over two years ago. A friend from Atlanta told me of a Christmas where everyone in her family gave of themselves instead of giving gifts one year. She had learned of an organization that accepted donations of hair and would then create beautiful hair pieces for children with diseases that caused them to be bald, Locks of Love. What a wonderful gift! To be able to sacrifice something of yourself so that someone else can feel a little less 'odd.' I was in-- I just didn't know it would take so long for my hair to reach a length long enough for a donation! So today, thanks to a great friend and amazing stylist, I chopped off my locks and got a new do too. Here is my first pic sans inches and what feel like pounds of hair. It's a little weird-- I've never had short hair before and I keep reaching back to put it in a ponytail, but I would recommend the experience to anyone able to give. :) Read more about the opportunity to give and see the finished product at


Lori said...

Your hair is adorable short. I'm actually doing the same thing. Mine is plenty long enough now. I'm just waiting until after our class reunions. I know that is a little selfish of me. Anyways I think you look adorable. It's funny your hair is short and Jon's hair is long.

tracy said...

haha that picture makes me happy : )

i also think it's great how lori thinks jon's hair is "long"! i guess you corporate guys don't need to do much to stand out :P

elena mattey said...

so here I am at work......waiting for clients that im not expecting. I think Ill become a bloger this week. I have nothing else to do.

Susan Wyatt said...

Jennifer I love the short look. Very cute and stylish!!! Miss you guys.


elenabean said...

hey guys.
yes i check my email a few times a day at least thats when im at work. If our group is aware that there will be e-mail conversations going on Im sure they would tune in.
John I really want to have meals together. Everyone has to have dinner right? Why not together as a family. It doesnt have to be expensive. In fact I could make a pasta dinner for everyone everyweek as long as everyone else brings the drinks/salad/bread. I would do it all for that matter but I know everyone would want to contribute. Im going to do it this week. Ill take care of all of it. Just show up and dont stop at McDonalds
Also, Robin and I were talking about trying communion at group. What are your thoughts on that?

Gail McNair said...

Hello you two. Word spread of your blog site so I thought I'd try it out. Wanted to let you know John and I are coming to NY for a visit and would love to take the two of you out to dinner if your available. I know it's a commute for you into the city but we'd love to see you. Would Friday Oct 6 be a date you could reserve ? Aunt Gail (