Monday, March 24, 2008

She is almost here!!!!!!!!

The time has almost arrived to head down to Atlanta, GA to pick up our little girl. We are flying to Atlanta tomorrow, and will hopefully get to pick up Haven tomorrow evening.

This journey has been wonderful so far, and I imagine tomorrow will be the pinnacle.

I guess you can never be 100% ready, but I guess we are as close to ready as we will ever be.



Susan Wyatt said...

She is beautiful. We'll pray for you as you meet your precious girl. Children are so much fun, you hear a lot about how hard it is, and it is, but you don't hear enough about how much fun it is to be a Mommy and Daddy. She is blessed to have you two for parents. We hope we get to meet her someday. We love you guys.

evan zila said...

Jonathon and Jennifer im so happy for the both you and wish you the best. I cant believe my oldest cousin is a FATHER. Thats pretty cool man. Dont worry you guys will be great parents.

Glenna Marshall said...

So excited for you! She's beautiful!