Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Months Old

Where does the time go? Our little one is growing and changing by the day. Here are some pictures I took today to capture this stage before it's gone. I wish there was an audio track of our 'photo shoot'-- Haven loves to laugh and explore her voice range. She loves to squeal in a super high pitch and scare the dog from the room! This month has also brought a new fascination with brushing our teeth (not hers mind you, she doesn't have any yet-- just watching Jon and I). She's always loved hanging out on her changing pad in the bathroom, but recently she's glued to us as we brush our teeth! Go figure. She seems to be dreaming more in her sleep with great facial expressions and smiles. She loves to be on your shoulder and check out everything going on around you like watering plants outside and folding clothes (which isn't easy single-handed I might add). I can't believe our little baby is two months old, and yet it feels like we've had her forever too (I feel like I post this all the time-- it's so true though). We're smitten. :)


Jonathan Zila said...

These pictures sure do help me get through Mondays!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pink bow! What a cutie. She is just darling. Enjoy these moments. They do go fast.