Monday, July 07, 2008

bells will be ringin'

the bride and groom on their last day of singleness
oma, granddad, and haven at the shore
playing after eating ice cream
this is haven's 'rockstar' outfit (complete with little jean shorts and a 'my mom rocks' bib) that she wore to one of daddy's shows on the 4th
discovering 'toes' with oma :)

the weekend after we returned from boston, our good friends steph and mike tied the knot! my parents flew up for a 'grandbaby visit' and couldn't have picked better timing! they got one-on-one time with haven while steph and mike got a baby-free rehearsal, wedding, and reception. haven has grown and changed so much even during their short stay. she's officially begun teething (i can't feel anything under her gums, but she's a bit more fussy than usual and loves anything she can bite on). our passy-free baby has now become dependent on the little soothers. everything's going in her mouth, she can pick up toys and transfer them from hand to hand (i think we have a little right-y in the making), her babble is changing, the stream of drool is neverending, she's becoming a little more clingy with mom, and her sweet personality is coming out more and more!

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