Monday, July 07, 2008

the no-money challenge

so... we've been dared. a small group of friends have challenged one another to go an entire week without spending money on anything. nada. not even a single cent. i can't honestly remember what led to the great double-dog-dare, but it definitely had something to do with the way we as americans view and spend money, consuming everything in our path. i'm exciting to see how the week goes as today is day one. my gas tank's full, but i forgot to hit the grocery store yesterday. i know we've got plenty to last through the week, but i'm curious as to what those last few menus will look like! i'm sure a random trip to target and starbucks will be my weaknesses while jon will have to remember his lunch and pack snacks for the office to fend off the evils of the snack machine!

1 comment:

elenabean said...

Thanks for the warning!!!!
ok, Ill go with it....