Friday, August 29, 2008

bleh, politics

i don't like politics. i don't like when people passionately discuss them ignorantly. i don't like having to rank issues when trying to decide which politician to support because too many of them feel of utmost importance. i don't like how stressful it is to 'make the right choice' when there's an electoral college in place (can anyone help me with this one? i still don't get what the benefit is??).

all this aside, i AM excited for the 2008 election. i'm excited that there is a black man who has been nominated to run for office. i'm excited that there is a woman striving to become our next vp. i'm excited to tell my daughter she can grow up to be whatever she desires-- even the president of the united states. it's been a long journey to get to 2008, i'm grateful to those who went before to clear the way. what a great nation. 

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