Wednesday, August 06, 2008


ta-dah! we've changed our layout (i don't even want to tell you how long it took for me to decide on a white background...) or rather, i've changed our layout. i think i've officially taken over our blog from my death-defying husband ( i was going to write 'fabulous' or 'sweet', but what husband wants to be those when you can be 'death-defying'?). 

in the process, i came across a BUNCH of blogs i had no idea my friends were behind!! if you blog, and aren't listed on the left, let me know-- i TOTALLY want a window into your world too. 


kathryn said...

like the new layout. i am finally over my salmonella (thanks to my little one...) and we'd love to get together with you guys sometime this week or next. let me know your schedule. :)

Branden and Laura said...

Love the new layout!!!!

Kevin & Christin Pounds said...

I like that picture of the family! We just started our blog (I was bored at work and thought it was time). We're in the club now :)

Eduard and Angela said...

Hey! I love your layout, great job! I had a hard time deciding on ours as well. I just love to see pic's of Haven she's a doll!!

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