Friday, August 15, 2008

you've gotta read this...

since our family has grown from two to three, my habit of reading more than a magazine has flown out the window. however, one of my sweet friends, bethany, recently recommended a book that i could not put down. i'm usually not one to trade sleep for a book, but these 250 pages were unbelievably wonderful and i'm excited to reread it once jon is finished.

the book is entitled The Shack and is currently on the bestseller list (for good reason!). if you haven't read it yet, there is not another fiction i would urge you to read more. without giving the plot away, this is the story of a spent man who has had to endure unspeakable suffering coming to God with the hardest of hard questions and finding Him Loving and Good. i'm not a scholar, but found it scripturally honoring and accurate in its portrayal of God. to read this book is to be challenged and changed. 

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Kevin and Christin Pounds said...

Always grateful for a book recommendation, I'll read this!