Sunday, October 19, 2008

closer to one than nothing

can you see my tooth (bottom left)?
praise God her legs are still a little too short for this yet!
goofy grins
sweet girl
she got here all by herself (the outlet in the background now has one of those plastic thingys in it for all the concerned moms out there) :)

let's take a vote and slow down the pace of a kiddo's first year and make it two-- who's in?! seven months has been quite the exciting week already. haven is crawling like a pro, pulling up on anything that is still long enough (lookout beau!), spraying the table with squash/drool dring dinner, cruising a tiny bit, AND if that's not enough, getting her second tooth. this kid has no fear (or balance yet) and will let go while standing which sometimes (to our wonder and delight) leads to the tiniest stander and other times leads to a crash and boom. 

so, my favorite memory of this week... i was folding clothes while hae was playing on the floor when she crawled over, bear hugged my leg, pulled herself up behind me with said leg, and then full of pride and joy standing between my stride, looked up at me with her head between my legs and the greatest grin and just laughed. oh, i hope everyone has such an awesome moment at least once in a while!

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