Monday, October 06, 2008


so... my sweet cousin jessica 'tagged' me from her blog (thanks btw-- i feel a little like a rock star. a little) also, i'm afraid blog tagging has become the new chain letter/ e-mail forward phenom for our generation. here goes:
1. post the rules.
2. write 6 random things about yourself.
3. tag, tag, tag!

:: i'm addicted to ice cream. my mom kindly pointed this out when i kept wandering around her kitchen opening all the cupboards and fridge not finding what i was looking for. rocky road is my current fix of choice.
:: i'm left-handed and feel totally affected by it. it boggles my mind a bit to watch you right-handers write, use 'normal' scissors, and shake hands.
:: at least once a year i panic that i can't remember where each state belongs on the map or know its capitol, so i print out a study sheet and make jon quiz me until i get them all in there place and with the correct leading city. i'm determined not to be an ignorant american, but i just can't seem to remember!
:: i've always wanted to have to run through the airport to catch my flight. my sister just beat me on this goal-- she just got back from her honeymoon in mexico. barely. :)
:: i secretly long to be a runner. it's my new thing. i think people who run are so cool. i'm waiting to develop a good plan of action before i actually start-- i wouldn't want to overdo it you know. yea, we'll see how far that goes. 
:: jon took me to this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in NYC a year ago that only serves mac 'n cheese and i crave to go back. of all the great restaurants in the city, and how easily you can just make a box yourself... i'm a little embarrassed by this one. :)

whew. okay, so now i tag christin, laura, amber and jon!!!


amber said...

so am i the amber that was tagged? b/c that's so cool if i am. i will have something to write about w/o having to use my brain...well, in the sense of having to come up with something interesting that has happened
and being tagged DOES totally make one feel like a rock star!

amber said...

1. funny that you're boggled by righties...i'm fascinated by lefties--i always wonder if they really ARE more creative and why couldn't i have been born a lefty instead of a crooked righty.
2. i wish i had your capitol dedication. i must confess that when i hear kids listing them off, i get a bit jealous b/c there are several i cannot remember. tragic.
3. running is over-rated.