Saturday, November 01, 2008

how'd she get in there?

i've been recovering from a cold and hence moved our little garbage can near the bed to toss tissue more easily. haven, who's only recently become mobile, usually takes her afternoon nap on our bed. does anyone see where this is going? usually, hae will let out a little cry or start 'singing' to let us know that she's waking. thursday was the reason i typed 'usually'. so... i'm sitting in the next room when i hear a little rustle from the bedroom. 'i guess she's just stirring' i thought to myself. but then, i hear it again and it sounds a little like papers crunching. my initial thought is that there's an R.O.U.S in our room. i turned the corner and here's what i found... i have NO idea how she got here-- especially feet first! nor how long she'd been playing in the trash can-- she never let out a peep! (*thankfully, i'd just emptied the tissues from my cold...)

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