Saturday, November 29, 2008

there's a carcass in my kitchen!

(***disclaimer: all of these pictures are horribly out of order-- does anyone have any blogger suggestions on uploading chronologically?***)
mark goofing off :)

exploring princeton's campus
the clean up crew
half of the football team
the littlest one


well... there's no longer anything dead (*that i'm aware of) in the kitchen any more-- it was just too good of a title to pass up just because i meant to post yesterday and didn't. :) we spent thanksgiving in the great state of nj this year with some friends that feel-like-family and new friends too. jon was in charge of cooking our bird, all 19.2 pounds of it. and may i just say what a great job he did-- it was delicious (*i actually ate the ham, but i heard good things...)! yesterday we did some early morning shopping and today we headed to princeton for the BEST pineapple coconut pancakes you'll ever have in your whole entire live-til-your-116 life. with or great friend mark.



Rhonda Smith said...

Did you cook for all those people? I am majorly impressed! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

amber said...

after you've uploaded the pics, you can move them around by clicking on it (and the cursor becomes one of the four-sided arrows) and then moving it down or up if necessary. if you edit in html, you can just cut and paste the code into the order you want it.
hope that helps. it's much easier to show you than explain it.

Diane said...

I love your blog! It's so hard to keep in touch over long distances and times, but this helps so much, it's so nice to know whats going on in your life!