Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 months!

so curious
 see my new top teeth?
 'kissing' her bear from pops
 we match!

haven is keeping us on our toes! she loves to explore and study. her new thing is opening drawers and removing everything it contains. lovely. :) now, we just have to teach her how to put things away! her walking is getting better and better by the day-- she's still most secure in sliding her feet sideways; kinda surfing through the living room. she loves to eat everything! we've begun to share more of 'our' meals with her and she's quick to let us know when she needs more. she's also starting to mimic roles like brushing her hair, wiping her face or putting lotion on-- it's SO cute.

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Emily Doss said...

Daniel and I are friends of Freddy and Susan. We are starting the adoption process and have just completed our home study.
It gives me great hope to see other families who have adopted and have their child in their arms. :)