Sunday, March 15, 2009

arrivals and delays

today marks the first anniversary of our daughter's arrival. when jon and i awoke on this morning a year ago, we had no idea that a tiny girl had been born a thousand miles away who was and is in fact our baby. our baby. when we did get the call that changed our history forever, it was all i could do to sit still for the rest of that day. not weep. or laugh hysterically. or knock on every neighbor's door to tell of our wonderful news. and oh how i craved to kiss her. smell her. count her little toes. but i couldn't.

i had missed the arrival. 

i have a handful of sentences and just a few pictures that tell of her arriving. but no memory of holding my sweet haven on her birthday. so today, i am thankful for low- grade fevers and upset tummies. thankful that in the whirlwind of our weekend, in between birthday parties and church gatherings, running errands and cleaning house, tantrums and chasing toys, a sweet little girl desperately needed snuggling and to sleep on her mom's chest, hushed voices and back rubs, calming songs and hair kisses. these things that already seem to be slipping away as we transition from infancy to toddling. 

a bit of the arrival, a year delayed. what a sweet way to celebrate and remember. how redeeming our Father is and how perfect are His ways. 

i love you haven kennedy, sweet daughter of mine. you have always been loved. it's my prayer that you grow in wisdom and truth, grace and humility, courage and strength, joy and love. that you embrace God and glory in Him alone, that you fearlessly follow His voice and lead others to follow your example. that you become a city on a hill, a refuge, a fortress-- not for your name's sake, but for His. amen. so be it Lord.


Susan Wyatt said...

Happy Birthday Haven! Wish we could have celebrated with you!

Freddy T., Susan, Jack, Lillie, Elliott

kathryn said...

congratulations to you too, jen, on one year of motherhood. you wear it well :)

MixedSoul said...

I sincerely hope and pray God continues to bless your family! It is born of love and caring on levels that go beyond the norm.

Lori said...

What a sweet girl!!! Happy Birthday from the Walker family!!

Freddy T. said...

yes...yes indeed.