Monday, June 29, 2009

backseat driver

friends from church passed down the 'golden ticket' of all toys for haven this weekend and we haven't stopped playing in it since! h first had her eye on a more recent model at the local toys r us, but she just wasn't feeling the payment plan attached to a brand new model. so, like her mom and dad, she went the 'pre-owned' approach and hasn't looked back since. without a gas cap, it's never going to pass state inspection, but then again, without gas, does it really matter? so far this car only works in reverse (which is the cutest thing ever), but i think with a few more lessons, parallel parking and forward movement are just around the corner. ps- this kiddo is a bug magnet! can you see her poor little right eye covered in bites? we obviously 'missed' an inch. if anyone's got any natural poor-it-on repellant alternatives, i'm happy to hear!

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amber said...

love the new banner AND clever wording for this post!