Tuesday, July 21, 2009

vacation '09 part one

our vacation this year consisted of three parts, here's numero uno.

we went with two other families to grand cayman island-- thanks to the recession, our little budget went a loooooong way!

haven at the pool

building sand castles
haven is such a beach baby-- she loved the sand and wasn't scared of the ocean at all! everyday, we came back to the room with half the shore's sand in her diaper.
jon and branden are the little heads in the middle, jon's on the left.
daddy and hae 'on a boat'-- we (ALL twelve of us) went out to snorkel in two spots and to stingray city--a sand bar where TONS of stingrays gather for fishermen's cleanings. more pics to come of this stop...
haven loves her drummers! either going in for the kiss or the drumsticks--not sure. j is an excellent three-year-old drummer-- he's playing with branden and us singing worship songs.

an inside-out oreo kiss.
no fear. there were lizards and iguanas EVERYWHERE and h wanted to touch them all.

all the kids were invited to feed the barracuda and tarpin near one of the restaurants at the hotel-- see the splash?
h and her ducky lifejacket
laughing in the sand


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