Tuesday, July 21, 2009

vacation '09 part tres

part three was spent in orlando. friends that we were with have a house there with a pool in the back (and a hot tub too!) we had fun spending hours in super wal-mart (none here at home), getting free slurpies at 7-11, playing adults-only putt-putt, and on our last day--we caved and went to disney world. jon and i haven't been in over 20 years and even though we were worried haven was too little to enjoy it, she had a ball.
jon, h, laura, and braden watching the AWESOME fireworks at cinderella's castle
haven couldn't stop smiling on the carousel-- she 'princess' waved at everyone we passed
stuck inside for a little rain shower
we were a little worried about how to handle naptime, but h took care of that for us in the middle of the haunted mansion-- she just passed out in the dark coolness! here she is on jon's shoulders watching the parade pass by-- she loved dancing to the music and waving at everyone going past.
a pirate's life for me!
our first ride (as recommended by haven's friends) and by far, haven's favorite-- it's a small world. i love being a mom--i got teary watching haven take it all in, she sang along and danced with the dolls. for the rest of the day she'd go back to 'humming' and swaying to the song.
this is our 'before' picture' (*notice, i didn't post the after-- it was hot and sweaty) on main street. we were given 'i'm celebrating' pins which we claim was to mark our 5th anniversary and branden and haven got 'first visit' pins.

can't pass up free chick-fil-a! all the ladies dressed like cows for free lunch. laura and i went back with branden and jon for dinner. it's just. that. good.
after hitting chick-fil-a twice in one day haven now say's "moo" whenever she sees a cow :)

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