Thursday, December 31, 2009


(** i wrote this post after coming home at christmas and somehow it missed getting posted. hmmmm...)

we just returned from a trip visiting family. i smile thinking about how haven now kneels on one knee when singing 'ring around the rosies' with her babies. and how when we pass a mirror or picture of herself she exclaims, 'that's you!' in a way that you know she thinks this phrase to be her name. time spent playing with grandad and his aging knees and listening to a mama recount over and over again the baby in the pictures with mommy and daddy have left their mark. she echoes what she sees. hears. she clearly displays what we do. are. i wonder what i echo. soon, she won't be so obvious in her mirroring. like me, she'll be inundated with things to reflect back. but, oh, to echo one thing. and to echo it well. simplify my voice in 2010, lord.

i listened to this sermon ten years ago and passed it along to a sweet friend this christmas. you can listen or read, it's lengthy and challenging, but oh so worth the investment.

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