Friday, February 19, 2010

play doh and playdates

this is haven with one of her favorite friends in the world. they've been pals since before either could walk and are about a month apart in age. until we get the sharing thing down, they have a love/hate relationship. but really, they just crack each other up all the time. the first picture is pre-kiss, the last shows these two just after i caught them pretend-snoring. the middle are a very funny story h was telling. it was long. and funny. and about a horse. but that's all i got.

in other haven stories, she's been working on a coloring page from the church nursery displaying the wisemen bringing gifts to toddler jesus on mary's lap. haven is pretty determined it's 'mo-ma' (oma). we also had to take the yellow marker away because it kept ending up in her nose. go figure. :)

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