Sunday, January 08, 2012

january 8th

haven is a great big sister!

 true is awesome at sleeping-- yay!!
 so tiny
 the newest family photographer sans pants, but with princess gloves so we're good, right?
 our first christmas as four!
 happy birthday jesus!
 introducing the sisters...

 h was so excited, she waited outside for t to arrive
 look. at. those. lips!!
meeting our daughter for the first time

i'm lost for words to describe the joy in my heart. God is so good. and gentle. and perfect in timing. and just plain ol' awesome. we are loving life as four and adjusting to 'fake' life (jon's on leave for a month) nicely. i'm challenged to learn/know/live ephesians 4:1-3, especially in my role as mama to these two girls. loving listening to haven recite over and over again the story of jesus' birth with her little people set. thankful for a date with h today at b&n for some book readin' and cupcake eatin'. can't inhale enough of the sweet smell of miss true. amazed at all my husband has accomplished this week and how he leads our family. thinking the christmas tree may never come down. oops.


Christin Pounds said...

Yes! I love seeing these happy pictures! It is so sweet to see pure joy on haven't face looking at true. Can't wait to meet her, enjoy your month of intensive family time, nice!

Kevin P said...

What a beautiful family. We are enjoying watching God bless you from a distance, and cannot wait to meet True in person. Thanks for being a wonderful example to the rest of us of what it looks like to live out the gospel in our families.

amber said...

i'm so excited that your family has grown to 4! you are lovely!