Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December Oops

So... this past weekend, Jon, Beau and I trekked out to the park behind our home to take our annual Christmas picture. Beau was great and posed the whole time I set up the camera and adjusted the self-timer (Jon too!). I hit the button and ran into the shot; when low and behold, Beau (forgetting of course that he was on a leash)caught sight of what must have been a very appetizing squirrel. Beau tugged hard, Jon wobbled a bit, Jen hit the mud, Jon slid in, and Beau stood watching and wondering why we weren't as interested in his squirrel! We had the greatest moment laying in the mud laughing at the picture we knew we'd captured. This isn't the picture you'll find in your Christmas card this year, but it certainly is the one going in our scrap book! We hope that as you get ready to celebrate the birth of our Christ, God blesses you with moments of sheer hilarity and joy too.

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elenabean said...

wow what a great photo! you should frame this one. When people ask what it is youll have a great story to tell!!!