Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Nativity Story

So it's not a book review, but.... Jon and I went to see The Nativity Story this past Sunday and were amazed. We entered the theater with popcorn in hand and left having truly worshipped. I highly recommend this film. It's got drama, a love story, tearjerking moments and even a bit of comedy from our Wise Men (who by the way, look strikingly familiar to the three wisemen from my parents' nativity set when i was growing up-- coincidence???). I shouldn't be surprised really, it was of course, our Creator Father who wrote the original story anyways!

I am particularly taken by Joseph's humanity and the humble shepherd. Joseph is rarely mentioned in the Bible and so liberty was taken in his character I'm sure, but I have to think that he was just as honorable in real life for God to choose to use him. I love how he held his head high as he and Mary walked through their hometown while all ther friends and family shunned them, in the movie. What a worldview, to be concerned only with how God saw him and not worrying about his reputation with his peers. My very most favorite character was the elderly shepherd-- maybe because that's who we focused on this week in Kid's Church. I was telling our kids how the shepherds probably smelled bad and didn't have many friends, but that God cared enough to invite them to see His Son's birth because of how much He loves even the meekest. What a lesson to my heart, a few hours later to visually see that love portrayed in film. I cried--shocker.

Oh God, this Christmas hold my focus on you alone-- that I might not be concerned with my reputation, but how you alone see me. Humble my heart in knowing that my righteousness is but filthy rags, smelling like a forgotten shpeherd except that you have invited me to your Son and it is You who have made me worthy. Make me like Mary, treasuring up in my heart the story you have written for me. I'm so baffled and grateful that you would choose to make me your own and see righteousness in place of rubbish. In my own little Nazereth, be pleased with my day-to-day living as worship. Amen.

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JW said...

It was a great movie. I also highly recommend it to everyone!