Friday, April 25, 2008

Catching Up

I'm still trying to figure out how to post and remember my password, etc on a couple hours of sleep. :) Sorry it's been a while so here's some catching up! Haven turned a month old on the 15th. i can't believe it's only been a month-- we laugh that we can't remember life before her. This is Jon holding her on the 15th-- don't mind the basket of laundry in the background...

We LOVE getting to know this little one and all her ins and outs. Haven is a cuddler (yea!) and loves to be held tight, snuggle to your neck, be touching you at all times (this makes putting her in her crib at night quite the treat...if you've got suggestions, let's hear them!). She's rolling over all the time now and we find her in all sorts of strange poses when we check on her sleeping. Haven's a girl that likes change. I think she's got an internal timer that tells her only 5 minutes at a time in the swing before she moves to the bouncer before she moves to the bassinet before she moves to the sling before she lays out on the couch.... :) She's a thumb/middle finger/ arm/ your chin/ anything she can get a hold of - sucker but isn't a huge fan of pacifiers. Her favorite room of the house is our bathroom. When we can't figure out how to soothe her, we'll flush the toilet a couple times and run the sink--
 magical. :) An Olympic swimmer in the making? This past week has marked a lot of transition with much more talking, lots more napping, less night sleeping (yikes!), and great big smiles!!! Jon and I must look like total idiots dancing around the room with exaggerated faces and high pitched voices hoping to get one more little smirk out of our Zilabug.

I love the mommy thing. It's been an adjustment to say the least, but I definitely feel like I've found the career path that I've been dreaming of.  I keep telling Jon I'm ready to start the paper process again, but for now it's just the three of us plus Beau. Beau's adjusted beautifully too.
 He's very cautious/ protective of her, wants attention when she's getting it all, and cries when she cries. He loves to go out with the stroller for walks-- we look like a little Zila parade, with Haven out in front! I don't think Haven knows what to think of him yet; I'm not sure she realizes he's there.

Our church family have been too kind and prepared dinner for us-- such a blessing! Here's pictures of two of our friends holding Haven on a visit. They were so funny and kept 'complimenting' Haven on her cuteness--" She's so little! She has chicken legs!" "Look mom! Her fingers look like little worms--sooo cute!"

Love it. -Jen

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm glad that you are so enjoying this! I love the pictures, especially the super-hero! I know that she will uphold justice and be faster than a speeding bullet as she grows up.