Thursday, April 10, 2008

Haven's First Dr. Visit

Today Haven had her first doctor visit which couldn'thave gone any better. She's a very healthy 8 pounds 9ounces and has grown a 1/2 inch since birth. We weretaken back to the exam room where the nurse asked meto undress her while she stepped out but would quickly return.

"Everything?" I ask.

"Yes, not even a diaper." She replies.

Does anyone see where this is going? Haven is a sweetgirl of habit. She's got herself on a great littleeating routine, sleeps on the same pattern nightly,but also tee-tees absolutely every time she's'exposed'.

What mom leaves her naked, tiny baby alone on theexamine table to freeze until the nurses return?Surely, she won't 'go' here, at the doctor's office.Just to be sure though, I give her plenty of time togo in the opened diaper before I scoop her up to keepher warm and safe.

You guessed it--me, the table, and the floor gotsoaked. But the goodness of Haven doesn't end there,why hide her gift under a bushel when she could showher skills to the nurse on the scale AND the doctorduring the exam!! We definitely got our money's worthout of the butcher-paper-stuff they stretch out on theexam table. :)

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Susan Wyatt said...

I think its classic! Jacks first trip to church was similar. On our way I heard him making some noise, and not with his mouth, in the carseat. When we got to church I took him in the bathroom, with only a diaper and wipes, and because my boy is a mans man, he had a slight explosion in his pants and all over his cute little church outfit. I was stranded in the bathroom without my diaper bag and extra clothes. To make matters worse, while he was laying there on the changing table covered with poop he peed everywhere. You havent experienced this, but with little boys it doesnt just sprinkle out, it sprays EVERYWHERE! Oh the little joys only moms and dads can appreciate! The good thing is you know it happens in doctors offices all the time. Keep having fun and documenting all the little things that go on. She is precious.