Monday, November 10, 2008

eight months old and it's all about the o's

i'm a few days early in posting h's eight month update, but this morning's cheerio scene was too good to pass up. :) eight months brings a bunch of action! haven is ALL over the place, cruising across the furniture, feeding herself, standing alone for a few seconds at a time, putting EVERYTHING in her mouth (which means i'm cleaning floors about seven times more often than before, but she still seems to find random leaves that blow in from outside before i do), waving (there's about a 4 minute delay from when we try to get her to wave and when she actually does...), shaking her head 'no' (i don't think she knows what this means-- jon nor i really shake our head 'no'. she usually does it in the highchair and then immediately opens her mouth for another spoonful), she loves to listen to jon sing and play guitar, patty cake, and laughing. laughing is the greatest. her little personality is really starting to appear and she is such a delight. oh, and we've caught her dancing a couple times which is so cute too.


Matt said...

Woo!!!! I get to hold her on Saturday!!! I am going to have Sara take about 3 million pictures so I can show them to my family over Thanksgiving! :)

Rhonda Smith said...

She is beautiful! Jessica used to call them o,o's (all in one word). It was so cute!