Sunday, November 16, 2008

semi-pro photographer, sorta

what a great weekend! it finally feels like winter, all the leaves have been removed from our yard (and i had nothing to do with it-- thanks d,a,n, and e!), elena cut my hair (which really means i got to totally relax in her salon and feel like a beautiful princess), haven was as cute as always AND i became a semi-pro photographer. sorta. 

our friend branden is the PRESIDENT OF A RECORD LABEL (yeah, i missed that happening-- i thought it was just a dj thing on a radio station...) and needed a few new pictures of our other friend chris. check out his music here(*jon's the one playing the drums--he's so hot...). i was super excited to be asked to help and had a GREAT time on my first 'real' photo shoot (all of haven's don't really count since we're related n' all...). here's a few of my favorite shots. y'all can look, but really i just wanted to post them so my mom could see what i did this weekend. :) 

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Branden and Laura said...

These pics are awesome, Jen! You need to start your own business. Branden told me to tell you that he's flipping out over the pics. It's exactly what he wanted.