Thursday, January 01, 2009

have yourself a merry little christmas

we had a great time touring around ga for christmas. our flight was a few hours delayed, but we made it just in time to attend a christmas eve service at my parents church. speaking of delays, when traveling to the airport with a baby, make sure you pack more than one diaper. hypothetically speaking of course. surely this didn't happen to us. :)  late that night we made our annual trip to waffle house and got to visit with friends from high school until it was officially christmas. haven spent about 2 hours opening her gift from my parents the next morning. i thought she'd love ripping the paper off of things, but she was way more interested in my parents' plethora of remotes. jon and my dad won the 'best gift' award with tickets to see the Rutgers bowl game-- RU won and they had a blast. haven LOVED my sister (who wouldn't?!) and sought to play with her at every moment. we drove down the following day for haven to meet jon's mom for the first time. it was great. we even enjoyed walking the beach in tee's and dining outdoors. we then detoured albany and visiting my grandparents, sadly, to avoid the stomach bug epidemic. our last day was jammed pack with a tour of the 'world of coke' museum and a wonderful visit with h's firstmom/birthmom. we were pretty anxious leading up to seeing her again, but were soooo thankful for an amazing visit and a chance to tell her 'thank you' for her sacrifice and our joy. hae learned to blow kisses, say 'mama', and dance while in the south. 

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