Thursday, January 01, 2009

we're in business!

while our family was in GA, we saw a little sign at a light declaring that said company would come and pick up your christmas tree for disposal charing $10. jon and i thought, 'what a great idea!'-- we could run around our little town and collect trees, but then to top the idea, we'd use a chipper and sell off the mulch from the gatherings. great idea, right? (except for the fact that we don't have a truck or a chipper...)

so, this morning, jon returns from walking beau, totally frostbitten and beaming. "we're in business!" what? someone *graciously* tossed their ex-christmas tree on our driveway. i was ticked. but, to make matters better, jon and beau found a $10 bill crumpled up on the sidewalk in front of the cemetery! at least they paid in full. :)

happy new year!

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