Sunday, September 20, 2009

18 months

every month i re-decide that haven is at the greatest stage and this month (even with meltdowns and tantrums) is no different. she is such a joy and is learning so much.
:: she says mommy and daddy really well now although she gets them mixed up
::she loves to have a job whether it's feeding beau (read 'dropping his food all over the floor two feet before the bowl') or throwing the napkins away at dinner
::i can braid her hair! okay, that's more an accomplishment for me than her, but i'm pretty proud and thankful that it looks better than i imagined my abilities would allow
::she's starting to like forgotten veggies again
::she's speaking along with her signs for many of them now-- peeze, moa (more), boat, dar (car), side (outside)
:: driving in the car at the grocery store is the highlight of the week
::beginning to interact with other babies at playdates
::loves baby dolls and feeding/caring for them. the latest thing is to hold them to the sky and then put the baby down to tickle them so. cute.
::washing hands at every given opportunity, brushing teeth, and putting on lotion are so fun
:: she's pee-peed in the potty twice now, but for the most part just likes to act it out and flush paper down the toilet
:: she's so aware and knowledgeable of so much more than she let's on to-- she remembers rules we've told her from previous days and adds motions to songs that she saw over a month ago
::she loves reading her storybook bible and having it read to her and even bows her head to pray at dinner with us
::she has beau wrapped around her finger, he'll bring her a ball to throw and play
::the gal has super sonic hearing and points to the sky every time a plane flys over-- even when we're inside. she waits for you to recognize it too, which can get a little tiresome since we live so close to three major airports!
::'mel-mo' and baby signing are still the favorite videos, but when i need to braid her hair (45 minutes +) she LOVES marley and me and waits for the dog to come on screen to point him out.
:: she loves to please and will applaud herself for a job well done and loves to get a high five for recognition

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amber said...

this is so sweet!