Tuesday, March 23, 2010

two years: documented

i can NOT even begin to fathom where the last two years have wandered off to-- when i see pictures of haven just days old, it feels like yesterday and an eternity ago all at the same time!

she is our sweetest joy and keeps us on our toes these days. her little personality emerges more and more, and we love who she is growing in to being.

over the last year, haven has...
:: got a stamp in her passport
:: traveled to the caribbean
:: relaxed at the beach
:: visited the magic kingdom and became memorized by all things 'princess'
:: traveled to visit all of her grandparents and great-grandparents
:: cemented her fear of the doctor's office
:: made little friendships in spite of a sad track record of sharing (we're getting better and better though!)

things she is saying all the time these days...
:: help me please
:: alright! you did it!
:: nice!
:: no thank you
:: love you
:: bye y'all
:: i hold you
:: mmm, good chicken
:: (gasp) oh, no!
:: wait, shhh, patient

things that make two really fun...
:: she has the best sense of direction and knows where each of her friends live, the library, and which grocery store has the cart-cars to ride in
:: the way she sings the alphabet song, twinkle twinkle, where is thumpkin, happy birthday
:: she pretends like she's asleep and waits for you to tickle her awake
:: greeting everyone where ever we go-- i'm pretty sure she's made a couple people's day this way
:: singing along to the radio-- we're making our listening choices wisely these days :)
:: sleeping on the floor by her door and absolutely not in her bed
:: bubbles, stickers, and snacks
:: saying 'mmmmmm!' whenever we pass mcdonalds (whups)
:: grabbing hands and saying 'amen' when we pray
:: shaking it off when she falls down
:: playing pretend
:: dancing and singing with daddy
:: covering her eyes when snow is falling
:: her desire to have her name written and a fish drawn every time she sees a pen

reasons why people call it 'terrible'...
:: huge tantrums for little problems
:: screaming 'ow!' in the middle of the library; all screaming in public when surrounded by people who seem to have never had children who were two once
:: getting weighed and measured and everything after at the doctor's office
:: waking up grouchy-- not always, thank God!
:: no more naps

we're really proud/thankful of...
:: her counting to ten
:: a gentle spirit
:: a joyful laugh
:: her love of snuggling
:: her hair is growing! (this is huge!) :)
:: a teachable spirit-- most of the time
:: she likes to eat everything
:: her helpfulness-- she throws away trash after dinner, puts her toys back, and empties the silverware from the dishwasher

she's just starting to...
:: be able to put on clothes
:: spell her name
:: put three or more words together
:: do easy puzzles
:: love books
:: notice/identify colors
:: say 'love you' and give hugs and kisses on her own

we are more than blessed.

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Kevin and Christin Pounds said...

Yay, she is so precious! What a great day, thanks for letting us share it with you,