Monday, April 12, 2010

lost in translation

tonight at dinner i explained to hae that we were having 'hot soup' for dinner. be careful. blow. it's hot.

she responded, 'mmmmmmm, rat poop'. with gusto. no sarcasm. she's two. and jon's out of town.

oh dear. it was as clear as a bell.

here are my options...
A- our two year old who parrots everything we say stumbled on a couple consonants
B- our kiddo enjoys delicacies i know nothing of
C- my cooking has gotten even worse, this is highly unlikely as there's not much room for anything but improvement, but there's always the surprise dinner that reinvents the meaning of 'worst of the worst'.

i'm crossing my fingers for A, but fearful for C
aye, oh.

here's hoping your dinner was better than ours tonight, but filled with just as many giggles! :)