Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fairy Water and Abby Wands

You can't have a fairy party without fairy water and Abby Caddaby Wands! (wink) I stumbled upon this idea from this site and simply had to recreate it for Haven's party. It was a little detail that was a lot of fun to create and one the 'fairies' enjoyed as well. One little guy drank the whole thing in 5 minutes flat and was racing in and out of the bathroom for the rest of the party.
I began with the cheapest water bottles I could find, some crystal light in a kid-friendly flavor, wrapping paper, curling ribbon, mailing labels, and bend-y straws.
After ripping off the water's labels, I used one as a template for the size and shape needed from the wrapping paper. I tapped the paper on, but wonder if a glue stick would have worked as well too.
I used labels that were on-hand and printed "Fairy Dust Package *sprinkle generously into bottle to create FAIRY WATER" via Avery's online print site.
From there, I stuck, cut, curled and tied everything together. Voila!

The Abby wands are really just glorified sugar cookies. Really great sugar cookies though-- I'll have to post the recipe soon.
They're way cuter than they are difficult. Just as I pulled the cookies from the oven, I transfered them to cooking racks and inserted bamboo skewers.
After that, a circle of icing was added and then mashed into a plate of pink sprinkles. Edible glitter and pretty pink royal icing would be super great too, but a gals gotta budget. A little more curling ribbon and you're all set (I tied the ribbon around sandwich baggies for some of the wands so that the cookie wands could go home with our guests)!

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amber said...

can i please be 3 years old again? this looks like the funnest party ever!