Friday, March 18, 2011

The Party House and Conjugating Verbs

Haven's bestest buddy turned three last month and had a 'potty house'-- which, translated, means there were streamers and balloons at his party. For the whole month, Haven has been talking about said party house and asking for a one too.

"Where Hay-ben's party house be mama?"
(*See, a couple weeks ago Haven began trying out new verbs. Horribly and oh so cute. 'To be' seems to be the major culprit of misuse.)
One night after a certain birthday-girl's bedtime and about a week before her party, I whipped out the twine and paper circles and went to town garlanding anything that didn't move. Birthdays draw into birth weeks at our home and decorations go up and stay up. Why not, right? The Christmas Hippo is still next door, so what could be wrong with a few early polka dots?
I'm in a little bit of a polka-dot-love-phase and Haven awoke to a party house of her very own. A little bit of wrapping paper taped into frames and a couple coloring pages completed our decor.

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