Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Reason No. 7648, Why I Love NJ

The Christmas Hippo is still out and about!
This is who we've seen every. single. morning at our breakfast table since Thanksgiving. I'm thinking she (see the skirt?) is just hoping to get in as many holidays as possible this year.

I will personally ensure she doesn't make any memorial day appearances though. We'll call it a late Mother's Day gift to myself.

(*This gal has made appearances for a couple years now. The first year, I couldn't figure out what she was. Then I spent the next two years trying to come up with WHY she was. Nothing says 'Happy Brithday Jesus' quite like a hippo, ya know? THen Jon informed me of that classic "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". Y'all know it? Yeah, me neither.)

Just after I realized how upset I was getting at our neighbors for leaving Santa and his hippo out in the cold for so long, I noticed I still have up some Christmas prints in my kitchen. Oops. Guess I'm more Jersey than I thought.

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Susan Wyatt said...

This is so funny! Jon, I know the song!

We were in Brooklyn this past weekend and saw one front door with a wreath and one front door and front gate still decked out all it's Christmas greenery. Maybe it's just a northern thing?