Thursday, March 03, 2011

Rainbow Hair

Here's our latest conquest in all things hair...


Little H requested Tiana hair and so the style began with the bottom row of box twists and green beads with a centered puff on top. She loved it. The problem was it lasted all of 17 minutes before it turned into a puff centered in whispies and frizz. She still loved it of course and so I ventured out to the library hoping I wouldn't get pulled over by the hair police (you only think they don't exist because you have not met them yourself...) between there and home. Luckily, we escaped with only a few 'bless your mama's heart looks'. Thus, the next day needed a hairstyle even better than Tiana.

Nothing's better than Tiana. Nothing except more beads! After a few too many episodes of Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer we were ready to rock and I'm happy to admit Haven hasn't mentioned Tiana hair since. The yellow row starts just above her ears (since the hair on the fringe is too short to make it to the top pigtails) and the box twists are off centered from the green row so that everything would lay nicely. From there, the two pigtails were brushed out and divided into four twists-- super fun for a three year old who loves to hear the clickety-clack of every head tilt and dramatic spin.

It's been two weeks and this style has held up really well. It definitely could use a refresh in the coming days, but has kept up with us pretty well!

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Bethany said...

girl! i'm gonna need lessons one day!!! ;) -bep