Thursday, March 10, 2011

You're invited...


Well, not really. That is, unless you actually received an invitation in official crayola-covered, glue and popsicle fashion. The littliest one is turning three this month and this is by far the most epic event of her tiny life. she has been waiting for and talking about her birthday non. stop. for at least six months! She's a birthday pro-- knowing her birth month, the date, and how to hold up three fingers. I watch her in the rear-view mirror practicing on the way to the store (which probably says a lot about my driving).


Since Abby invites were scarce to be found (read: they weren't at Tar-jay), I decided to make an "Abby-wand-invite" myself. I searched online for Abby coloring pages and shrunk them down before printing and copying. Then, I used a star cookie cutter to outline the images and cut them out. I glued them onto construction paper (yea, nothing fancy here) and then cut the star shape out, using the orignal shape as a guide. The next morning, Miss H helped by coloring the pictures while i wrote out the party details for the other side. She then helped me glue the pop sticks and yarn to each invite. Sorry for the lack of documentation. Glue seems to do crazy things to a toddler.



This year we're going with a polka dot/ Abby Cadabby theme. I kinda just picked Abby after H went on a video binge from the library starring the little fairy without really knowing that it's SUPER hard to find any birthday Abby gear. Oh, and we're not expecting as many toddlers at our house as wands-- most were honorary invites to family that live out-of-state. Not to fret, we've got everything under control and ready to rock and roll. More cuteness to come!


amber said...

these invites are so cute! what a great idea!

Tiffani said...

jen! i did not realize you had a blog!{duh tiff} so i will be reading fervently while the girls are at school this a.m.:) also, such a good idea with the little abby wands!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

LOVE this! Your daughter is gorgeous! Haven? I adore that name.