Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Waiting and White Paint

A couple weeks ago, we received news that 'our spell' in life's waiting room was going to turn into 'a season'. Our family has been hoping for and actively pursuing growth for a year now. This by no means is a record for any family, but has been hard on my heart all the same, especially with two adoptions that fell through in the final stages. More on heart issues and adoption stuff later-- this posts is about projects! So, with failed plans came a need to be busy and this can of paint...


...did just the trick! I splurged and went with the off-the-shelf white from the Home Depot that ALSO contains a primer. Worth.It's. Weight. In. Gold. This stuff is awesome. It goes on easily, covers quickly and has a very mild odor too.

Every time I walked through our family room, my eye was drawn to the growdy-jody trim. Even though you buy the pre-white trim, you still need to paint the pre-white trim. I'm embarassed to tell you how long this has been installed in our home, but let's just say it was (*FOUR YEARS!*) time to paint over the dirt-highlighting-spackle and dull trim.



Painting our trim brightened the entire room! I'm amazed at what a difference a little paint can do.



Next up was a recently rescued coffee table. Thanks, Laura! our friends received a new-to-them really great, old trunk for Christmas and needed to find a new home for their old coffee table. Our family loves free and I loved the idea of a table that was big and sturdy enough to play at. I got a little paint feisty and didn't take an actual 'before' picture.



Ta-da! Two coats later and this guy is looking fantastic! I don't even want to know how many layers a primer-less paint would have taken. Unfortunately, our table is still a work-in-progress. There was only one day in February warm enough to paint (*I'm pretty sure it was a Godsend just for my need-to-redirect-and-find-a-quick-fix-project self. Thanks, Lord!) so our poor table has gotten a few scuffs while awaiting a last coat of paint and a couple coats of polyurethane to finish him off. Soon enough. In the meantime, it's good enough for a wee little princess to dine casually at. Raisins are our afternoon choice this week!



Hillary Hull said...

Just want you to know that I think about you a lot - and I am not sure why! Ha - I believe God puts you on my mind throughout the week to pray for you and all you are trying to accomplish :) I admire your heart and am glad that we were able to know each other for the time we lived together - but I'm also sad we didn't become closer during that time! You are a wonderful person and I look up to you. XO-Hillary

*K* said...

Looks so nice and fresh... Kind of like a party house :). Love you guys.