Monday, April 25, 2011

Burp cloths (*insert WAY better title here)

These were SUPER easy to make and super quick too (and super cute, if I may say so!). I got the idea from this site, but changed the dimensions based on a store-bought cloth.
I bought a full-sized, ribbed towel from Tar-jay to use as the backing. The yellow/grey fabric is from Amy Butler. I love Amy Butler.

First, cut a piece of terry cloth and patterned fabric approximately 7 x 18 inches. Then, with right sides facing, sew the entire rectangle leaving a gap just a couple inches wide. Before turning the burp cloth right-side out, clip the corners so that the fabrics will lay smoothly. Turn out and press.
Finish by sewing a quarter inch inside the perimeter.

Burp and wipe. Repeat.

With two baby showers in two days and even more friends with babies on-the-way, there was a need for mass-produced little baby burp cloths. (*Haven's on this kick where anyone her age or younger is a 'tiny wittle baby'. so stinkin' great) Anyways, I tied up two cloths with a grey ribbon and a board book inside.

"How wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ." -Ephesians 3:18


bethany said...

love theses! LOVE yellow and gray together! i got a sewing machine for Christmas that i've yet to take out of the box...but maybe this will be my first project. seems simple enough.

Anonymous said...

So cute, you are so creative, love ya sis!

amber said...

so cute! i like amy butler's designs too. those will make great gifts!

Stella said...

I love the idea to wrap a book in them! Also wanted to tell you I received a burp cloth made from just two layers of flannel, and it is awesome. Much cheaper than buying the store bought ones to embellish. It is shaped like this one but is just the two layers of flannel:
Pretty sure some of Amy Bulter's designs are available in flannel. Also have you ever used Can you tell I get excited when I realize someone else sews?