Thursday, April 28, 2011

more than eggs


i LOVED easter this year! haven is at a great age to really have some fun. all of these pictures seem to center around eggs, but the things i really want to remember weren't captured with my camera's lens.

all week leading up to easter, we talked about jesus' death and resurrection. the sunday before easter, haven's nursery class learned all about jesus death-- waiting until the following week to present the good news that he is risen again! she came home saying that 'ee-ter is scaw-y.' we quickly told her the rest of the story and she's still reminding us that 'he awive!' i love her three year old grasp of the resurrection story-- they hit him. he died. the rock moved. jesus alive! he went home with his flip flops on. :)


on good friday, we remembered jesus' death by keeping our home dark-- no lights on, no tv (*jon works from home, so his office escaped our plans). haven complied pretty easily, i seemed to have a harder time. every light switch and remote was a reminder that the sky turned black and creation mourned the death of God's true son. this sweet family commemorated good friday this way last year and i've been waiting to recreate it for haven all year.

we also followed this recipe/agenda in making resurrection rolls on friday. reading through john's account of jesus death with haven and jon was probably my favorite part of the weekend. h cried when we had to put jesus in the 'tomb'-- whoever thought to have jesus' body represented by a marshmallow, truly knew the treasure of a three-year-old's heart.


haven could have cared less about dying the eggs after the initial drop into the dye (*which in retrospect probably worked out best for my table and floors...). i got busy too and we both forgot about them resulting in really bright colors!

after church on sunday, we had friends old and new over for lunch and a little egg hunting. honey glazed hams are heavenly. This is miss h with our friend josh. it was his first real egg hunt too!




"jesus is awive!"



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