Saturday, January 21, 2012

january 20th

 teaching true her ballet moves :)

smiling at haven

this past week has served as a trial run for me. jon's been home with us since we came home to nj as a party of four and i've grown use to having him by my side 24/7 (literally). friends are still helping us with a few meals throughout and jon is just a shout away, but i've tried better to 'run our home' and return to my role as primary care-er. let me just tell y'all that there is an equation they do not teach in math classes i've come by--when you add one child to a family, the time it takes you to accomplish anything increases by 'x'; when you add a second kiddo to said family, said time increases by 'x+72 / the square root of how much laundry remains undone'! i'm curious to find if this remains true after infancy or could possibly grow even more.

 jon's begun work on the fence--his big hope to accomplish before returning to work. he is the best of the best and so humbly serves me and our family. haven was excited to return to bible study ("school") this week. we've been learning about the letter 'm' this week-- glueing marshmallows to 'm' outlines, eating m&m's, and finding books and roadsigns with our letter of the week. true's volunteering a few smiles for us, staring into space, and cooing more than ever. she's an attention hog and must be near your person at all times. two cars had issues that jz totally handled.

we talked a bit about dr. king with haven this week and it's funny what sticks in her sweet mind. 'martin' (as she refers to him--i wonder if he would mind, sorry dr. king...) lives in heaven with God, but used to live in 'merica before he died and he taught people to love each other no matter what you look like in your eyes. we definitely talked about this hero in three-year-old terms, but i love that she's getting the heart of his message. we are so thankful for the sacrifices he and his family and so many others have made, simply for the existence of ours.

 i'm sitting in 1thes 5 and soaking in being prayerful, thankful, and joyful in all things. it hits me, pretty often, this overcoming joy at this season of life. it causes me to wonder if it is in part to the sorrow that we've known-- if darkness makes light shine brighter? whatever way, i'm loving l o v i n g this season and humbled to feel so blessed.

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chlo√ę. said...

Jen, I loved reading about your family's happenings! We miss you all so much, and can't wait to meet sweet True. Haven is a great big sister already, and Josiah and I both thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the girls' recent pictures. Two beautiful ladies you have, and they in turn, have an equally beautiful mommy. :) Hope you guys continue to do superb. Much love from the Contarino house.