Monday, January 30, 2012

january 30th

oops. three weeks in and i've already fallen behind. true turned six weeks old and is ALL smiles and coos (that and a fantastic case of baby acne!) :) she loves when we mimc the noises she makes and will carry on a conversation of sorts with you. haven's favorite shows are madeline and sesame street and she's loving rediscovering old toys that we are still unpacking. we had a family date night this week to our mall's chick-fil-a and h and jon rode the train in the rotunda! it's physically impossible to smile more than she did-- so great. jon and i each spent some time dreaming and vision casting for the year and had a great time sharing with each other ON A DATE! our youth group watched haven (and a bunch of friends from church) and los campos kept true for us. it was great having a face-to-face conversation without interruption. we're excited to share more about one venture in particular soon, but just know that we want your bibles for our birthday.

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