Monday, March 05, 2012

march 5th

it's monday and i'm behind in my weekly update. nothing new about that :)
BUT, something very new is...
HAVEN STARTED SCHOOL! yes, yes we're fully aware it's the middle of the school year-- we're late bloomers, what can i say? ;)

 h started just in time for 'pajama day' -- each week the class learns a new letter. the 'p' week brought pajamas and pancakes, pink and purple paint, and as h calls them-- mashed potato chips.
here she is modeling her tinkerbell footy pj's with snow boots (*no snow in the state, but the only shoes that fit over her pj's)

 true's only pic this week...we'll make up for it next week!
my big girl and me

jon and i both took her to school on the first day and had feelings of anxiety mixed with excitement-- our first baby is growing up! this was her first little step into the world apart from us and i wrestled with wanting to keep her home forever or let her experience school with mrs. fabiano. she took to it beautifully and we followed her lead. she's constantly astonishing me with how adaptive she can be and how easily she handles new situations (aside from doctor's offices of course). 

we did homework together and i worked extra hard to find time for she and i to play a part from true. we had a tea party and painted her nails, cuddled on the couch with a movie, and played grocery store, doctor, dollhouse, and pirate adventures with princess figurines.

true is getting more and more charming by the day. she wrinkles her nose for extra excited smiles, is settling down more for car rides, and discovering her ears. she's stretching her bottles from 11:30p-5:30a pretty regularly now. she's still battling skin issues on her face that keep us putting socks on her hands to keep from scratching, earning her the knickname 'sock monkey.'

jon's role at work has shifted again and i couldn't be more proud of my husband-- for a whole bunch of reasons, but this one in particular this week. 

i'm dying to take the boarder out of the bathrooms but can't quite find the time or empty arm. i am however sneaking out to a sewing class once a week that i l o v e! laura and i had a spa date with chick-fil-a to round it out on leap day--a tradition to begin i hope!

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