Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome Baby Wren

Sweet, sweet friends of ours are expecting their second bambino in early May and we had SO much fun dragging them in to town for a baby shower. They recently moved their lives to VT where they're planting a church. When word spread that Christin was coming, everyone jumped in to help out-- so I dare say who hosted, but Laura was definitely the mastermind behind all the goodness and opened her home to all of us. (*not even two weeks after moving?! she's amazing...)
Girl is a planner and organizer extraordinaire. Like, way better than anyone you'd pay to come in your home to tell you where to store your christmas tree. Like, 'made-a-spreadsheet-for-the-shower' good. Here she is with our friend Ruth. Isn't she beautiful? And with perfect hair? (*she's totally hating me right now...) :)
Anyways, Christin is creating a shabby chic nursery for little miss Wren so we carried the theme into the shower.
Soup, salad, and quiche were on the menu followed by an unbelievable trifle and cupcakes by Martha Stewart Glorianne. Yea, they had pear icing.
Then, we played baby shower games. 'Guess how big Wren is' involved ribbon, scissors and Christin's waistline. Praise the Lord you don't play this game at adoption showers. I'm not really sure I want to guess how big my waistline is, much less 20 of my favorite girlfriends. Present bingo was super fun to watch. I didn't get to play-- the game pieces were pastel M&M's and well, we all know what happened to mine.
How cute is this little 'wren' mobile? Martha Glorianne made it!
All of our guests took home these little Freesia bulb favors to plant in their garden to celebrate Wren's coming. We also had everyone sign a little message to the princess-to-be in this copy of Amelia Bedelia (*did you read this when you were little?) as a guest book of sorts. We jotted down a list of goodies and who gave them on the back cover for Christin to keep too.

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Christin Pounds said...

ok, so I just saw this! Courtney called me and told me it was on your blog and I was like, no it isn't, I keep up with her blog, and then, well, I guess I just missed it! Thank you thank you, this was so sweet, i love seeing these fun pictures!