Friday, February 10, 2012

february 10th

thanks for my new blanket, linda!

this is 'mama' h with sara-- most days she's ruby, but today she's 4 weeks old and sara!
mama h's family picture :)
t and her double chin

just a few days away from 2 months! t is finding her hands and putting them in her mouth. h is playing babies a lot this week and her comments are cracking me up as she repeats much of what she hears me say "yea, she's been a little fussy today-- do you need another burp?" "sorry i was crabby, the baby didn't sleep well last night" i have a new favorite song and have been listening to it over and over all week. jon's started playing raquetball with friends and has some pretty amazing blisters to show for it.

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Christin Pounds said...

She is the cutest!! Like a little gerber baby, love those cheeks and lips.